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Our Tick & Insect Treatments

Organic Treatments

Looking for organic-based flea and tick treatments to prevent tick borne illnesses? Then you've come to the right place. We offer pet and kid safe lawn treatments to keep the fleas and ticks out of your landscape. These treatments are very effective, but often have to be applied more frequently than others.

Traditional Treatments

If you are searching for a treatment option for more severe cases, this is the correct one for you. Our traditional treatments are very effective and do not need to be applied as frequently as the fully organic flea and tick options. Not sure which to use among our tick control services? Call us!

Hybrid Treatments

If you are wanting a hybrid treatment for your tick control needs, we have the solution for you! Our hybrid treatments are both safe for kids and pets after drying, and do a great job at removing fleas and ticks. We can help you determine the perfect mixture for your yard in order to achieve desired results.

We offer multiple applications customized to your needs.  

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top-Rated flea & Organic Tick Spray CT Service Provider

Choose our organic tick spray CT solutions to solve your tick problem! Fleas and ticks are invading parasites that carry various tick borne diseases and can harm you and your pet. Both thrive in a variety of outdoor environments and aren’t picky when it comes to finding a host. They can be tough to spot and are small enough to hide just about anywhere. They often thrive in tall grass, flowerbeds, shrubbery, surrounding wood lines, and other moist, shaded hiding spots.

To help keep you and your family safe our tick control company recommends recommend our flea and tick yard treatment CT services to help prevent both parasites from carrying potential diseases into your home and eliminate these pests from your property for good.

We use organic-based, hybrid and traditional products to ensure the best results while keeping your family and pets safe. Our organic products help improve your plant and soil quality while effectively removing pests from your lawn. Professional tick spray CT treatment is the best way to keep fleas and ticks out of your yard. However, you can take some proactive steps to make your yard unappealing to pests. Here’s what you can do:

organic tick spray ct

We Are Your Connecticut Tick Control Experts

Are you worried about getting a tick bite? Are you bothered about the lyme disease cases in your area? Green Turf offers top-rated flea and tick treatment and prevention, with our team of CT tick control experts located across Connecticut. With our many years of experience in pest prevention in the Connecticut area, we offer only the best quality tick spraying CT services compared to the local competition because we understand the dangers ticks pose. From deer ticks to dog ticks, we’ve got you covered! Call today to see how we can rid your property of pesky fleas and ticks and maintain a Connecticut tick control routine to keep them away. We will always go above and beyond to provide you with the best possible experience.

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GreenTurf is committed to delivering quality tick services and a five-star customer experience, and our customers agree. Decades of satisfied customers have praised GreenTurf for their consistent commitment to high-quality service and reliability. We believe in earning customer loyalty by delivering an exceptional experience – from the professionalism of our team and dedication of our management, down to the true quality of the workmanship that goes into each job. Our commitment to customer satisfaction isn’t just something we say, it’s a promise we make: to deliver results that exceed expectations every time. Don’t take our word for our top-quality 5 star service – see what our customers have to say!

Control Fleas & Ticks

Fleas and ticks are more than outdoor nuisances– these nasty parasites can pose serious health risks as well.

GreenTurf offers a comprehensive suite of pest control applications that include natural, traditional and hybrid treatments. In the Northeast, insects can run rampant during the warmer months, carrying with them a host of serious and potentially fatal diseases, such as lyme disease, rocky mountain spotted fever, anaplasmosis, babesiosis, ehrlichiosis and lularemia, contractible by humans and pets.

GreenTurf offers comprehensive and customized flea and CT tick control solutions whether your lawn is suffering from a noticeable infestation or you simply want proactive treatment for the season. Our tick prevention service plan includes three critical components for success:


We will carefully assess your home or business property to pinpoint your yard’s specific layout and potential trouble spots. Tall grass, shady areas, garden beds, around trees – we target the places where they are likely living (and nesting) to create a customized approach.


GreenTurf’s first application of tick yard and tick spray CT treatment targets and reduces the population of active adult fleas and ticks as well as their larvae to prevent further swarms.


GreenTurf offers ongoing treatments and applications to proactively control infestations and hatching larvae.

Protect both your lawn and your loved ones.

GreenTurf’s lawn care and pest control strategies provide total property coverage using safe, organic-based products that improve your lawn’s health.

Frequently Asked QUestions

Do you have questions about flea and tick control or the services we offer? Check out our frequently asked questions below; if you can’t find what you’re looking for, please call us at 860-390-5262 or submit a form to the right.

Absolutely!  Fleas and ticks can transmit lyme disease and other tick borne diseases. They can also invade your home. However, it is important that you follow professional tick removal with proper lawn maintenance to reduce the risk of returning pests. Allow us to provide you with organic tick spray CT treatments.

We recommend spraying for ticks monthly from spring to fall to keep the pests at bay along with regular lawn maintenance to keep them from returning more promptly.

It is important to keep your yard cut low and minimize brush around the home. A 3 ft barrier of gravel or wood chips around your home is also useful for tick and flea prevention as well as keeping mice and rats at bay. This barrier can also be placed around outdoor furniture, playgrounds, or other areas that are more difficult to keep grass trimmed. 

Ticks are attracted to warm, moist environments. Shaded areas, tall grass, covered ground, and shrubs are perfect hiding spaces for these pests to reside. 

Yes! Grass clippings, leaf piles or litter, and even mulch piles are common places where ticks can take up residence. Regular lawn maintenance is a great way to not only make your yard look better, but to reduce pests as well.

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